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public classes

Public classes are open to anyone and everyone and they occur a few times a month. Check out my calendar of events for more information on these. 

private classes

I customize an entire class just for you. Ladies night, birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, holiday events, team building paint day, or any other reason you want to come up with to host a class.

The Painting

I will also customize the painting for the class. Want to paint a specific type of tree or a certain skyline? Want to host a paint your own pet class? Our imaginations are the limit. I need to know what you want to paint a few weeks prior to your event.


My private (and most public) classes range from $35-$60 per painter. Price will fluctuate based on number of painters, the type of painting, supplies, etc. Please reach out using the form below for a quote. 

Payment note: for private parties, the host (person booking the party, or designated organizer) is in charge of paying Maddy at the event all together. Maddy does not bring change, do each individual transaction, etc. 3.5% fee is added if using a credit card. 

Number of painters:

I require there to be 10 painters at every event. If you would like to have a party with less than 10, please understand your price per painter will go up. My maximum number of painters is 60 per class.


I am very mobile and am flexible on the location of your event. I do not charge a mileage fee unless you are more than 40 miles outside of Minneapolis. I have a handful of options for spaces around Minneapolis to use for your painting event if you need. Travel fee for places outside of that is $50 per hour of travel. 

Space & Set Up

I will work with what/where you've got to paint. I have done classes in garages, decks, family rooms, meeting rooms, breweries, kitchens, bars, and everywhere in between. What's the ideal set up? I always say, each painter needs about a dinner space and a half for painting- Imagine setting the table for Thanksgiving.. If you would normally set dinner places for 10 people around a table, for painting I would recommend only setting 7-8 chairs around the table. Each painter will also need a chair. Standing and painting is an option if you have bar height tables. I do not provide tables and chairs. 

I will usually arrive 30-60 prior to class to set up.

Painting Supplies

Anything you need to create the painting, I will bring. This includes easels, canvases, paint, pallets, brushes, table covers, water cups to clean brushes, etc.

Painting Attire:

Generally speaking, my students rarely get paint on them. With this said, it does happen. I would recommend NOT wearing your new shirt from Italy. The paint we use is acrylic paint, which is basically plastic parts, ink, and water. This paint will come out of clothes (with cold water) until it is dry. 

House Keeping:

I cannot guarantee that you will not get paint on the floor or other places in your home/painting location, however 99% of the time, this is not a very messy activity. Yes, you may get paint on your hands, but that is usually the extent of it. If you want to be extra cautious, replace your nice hand towels with paper towels or old towels if you are hosting the class in your home.


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