Want some custom art?

My customized pets have their own page - click here to explore that!

Most of the art I sell is completely custom. No, this doesn't make it more expensive, it makes it exactly what you want! 

I would love to work with you and create something together that totally rocks!

How do i order a custom piece?

Well.. first of all, I will tell you that I am flexible.

Saw something at ikea you love, but want a painting of? I would love to see the style of art you would like, however I won't replicate anything exactly, unless it is my own art. 

Have no clue what you want? Let's meet up! I travel to any of my clients homes to brainstorm colors, ideas, and designs.

Know about what you want? I get orders all the time that are something like: "I like earthy tones and oak trees." I take all sorts of orders.

Have a super specific order? I am game for that too. I get orders that go like this: "I would like pantone color 538 C shaded from dark to light with a black swirly thin tree centered with pink, red, and orange leaves."

Second of all, let's connect. Once you submit this contact me form, I will contact you as soon as I can, and we can exchange emails, phone calls, Skype dates, or an in-person meet and greet. We can talk sizes, colors, ideas, and design.

How long does it take? Well... I am human, so I can get things done fast, but I also have a plateful of other priorities, just like everyone in this fast-paced crazy world we live in. Don't be afraid to ask for a rush order. I have gotten orders done in about 48 hours before. 

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